Carmen Roofing Services, LLC

founded in 2005

Carmen Roofing Services, LLC is a small business founded in 2005. In two decades of business, we have gained experience in virtually all types of roofing projects from new construction to reroofing and extensive repairs. We specialize in performing roof replacement on sensitive projects, such as Military Air Force buildings near runways and projects deemed sensitive in nature to national security. These projects include design build, roofing, playground renovations, and historical restoration projects. These high-profile Federal Projects have ranged from $1,000 to over $3,000,000.  Carmen Roofing Services, LLC. has the ability to bond projects up $20,000,000 (single limit) and $30,000,000 aggregate. While focused on providing the best value for our customers, we strive to meet and exceed expectations. 

Carmen Roofing Services is headquartered in North Texas. We have offices in McKinney, Texas; Oklahome City, Oklahoma; Moore, Oklahoma; and Destin, Florida. We take pride in the relationships we have built with suppliers and subcontractors that enable Carmen Roofing Services to successfully complete projects anywhere in the South and Southeastern United States.

Our crews and superintendents are outfitted with the latest technology to include general accounting, project management, scheduling, estimating, and project controls.  Carmen Roofing Services leverages our flat organizational structure and our cross trained and highly skilled staff to provide our customers and clients with great communication, quick decision-making abilities, and efficient operations.

Carmen Roofing Services employs a team of highly professional individuals with knowledge spanning over 50 years in the industry. Our team is specialized in construction and roofing and all of Carmen Roofing Services’ supervising personnel have completed the US Army Corps of Engineer’s QA/QC class and maintain these certifications.  Our experienced project managers successfully coordinate start dates and bring projects to completion on the planned date while keeping the customer fully informed during the project.  Safety is prioritized on every project while never compromising the customer’s project schedule or budget. Carmen Roofing Services places an emphasis on safety and quality control.  Our foremen have all completed OSHA training and the US Army Corps of Engineer 24-hour fall protection as mandated by the latest EM385-1-1.